Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thinking about 2014-15

Can't believe how fast this year flew by-- It was a record in my book! The end of the year is always bittersweet but it is nice to have a change of pace, revamp activities and take a breath.... It will be over before we know it and we'll be back in the swing of a busy year!  I don't know about you but I cannot get school out of my mind during the summer. Next year I will be teaching a 1/2 multiage! It will be quite the undertaking but I am excited for a new challenge! One perk of multiage is that I will have the same group of 1st graders for two years-- however, this means a lot more planning to keep things fresh and engaging. One activity I have done since my first year is our class time capsule--my 2nd graders absolutely LOVE it! They ask multiple times when we are going to un-dig our capsule and they are always floored to see how much they grew over the course of a year. I want to be able to keep the tradition of a time capsule, so created a booklet. The information is the same in both so we can see how we change over the course of the two years but a different format keeps it new.... at least I hope! 
Depending on the age of your kiddos you could cut and assemble prior or let then try once they fill each page out.  It may require a bit of patience but I love when the work is fully "theirs." Inside the time capsule I also include a string to represent their height, a photograph, a hand tracing & letter writing page (both included) The booklet will print well on white copy paper or you can print on colored as pictured to add some spice. In the past I have had kids decorate a paper bag or decorate a piece of construction paper and wrap it around a paper towel roll. Then we pack them away in a waterproof tub and "bury it" with the help of our wonderful custodian.   Here is the original link to the time capsule packet or you can find the booklet here! Have a blast-- would love to hear how you used this in your classroom! 

Included in both packs you will find:
Cover Sheet
Portrait Page
About Me Page
Favorites Page
Goal Page
Letter to self page
Handprint page

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