Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rocks & Minerals!

A long time ago I shared these tid-bits on my parent classroom blog and pinned was my first go at "pinning" and it was fun to see my pin shared among others. We did these same activities again this year during my rocks and minerals unit. 

My kiddos always love making these Earth representations out of clay. They are always in awe when we cut down the center and reveal the layers. I find that this really solidifies the idea that the earth is made up of several layers and helps them identify each layer. 

We also made rock cycle bracelets to remember the 3 types of rocks (Sedimentary, Metamorphic & Igneous) and to help us understand how heat, pressure & erosion play into the transformation of rocks. 
 Shiny brown Sedimentary
Orange- Magma/heat transforming rocks
Black- Igneous rock as it cools and hardens
Blue-weather and erosion breaking down into sediments  
Light brown- represents Metamorphic rocks

We learned this fun song (to the tune of row, row, row your boat) 

Has been formed in layers 
Often found near water sources 
With fossils from decayers 

Then there's  IGNEOUS Rock
Here since Earth was born
MOLTEN lava, cooled and hardened 
That's how it is formed 

These two types of rocks 
Can also be transformed 
With pressure, heat and chemicals 
METAMORPHIC they'll become. 

Here is a link to an interactive Rock Cycle that we used on our whiteboard to better understand each part. 

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