Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Math Fun!

I hope you all are having a nice, relaxing break. I don't know about you but it was very needed! My kiddos were beyond excited the week leading up to the big day...there was lots of energy to be had! To me, the best thing about the holidays is spending time with family. Luckily, my sister and brother in law were able to fly in from Dallas for a few days! It is so nice to have them back home in NH. Thank you to those who have followed my little blog... I appreciate each and every comment and "follow" and love the collaborative part of teaching. Although I do a lot of blogging for families I was ready for something new... connecting with other bloggers and teachers was the first step-- I am in awe of the educators who shared their ideas while balancing their profession and family-- making it seem so seamless.  Wow! I still have a long way to go in the world of blogging but this has been a great start and I appreciate your support! I am excited to share that I figured out how to share a file so you can see what you're getting... being a visual person I tend to go towards resources that I can see first. Click on the image to get a "free" preview of this packet. Would love any feedback. Enjoy!  

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