Monday, December 30, 2013

Skip Counting-Work Station

One way we settle into our day is through work stations-- they are called work stations because there is usually some type of accountable work to do--we have an important job! I love starting the day this way as it keeps kids active and engaged from the start. They love having a new activity each day and it is a great way to supplement literacy and math, preview concepts and reinforce trickier areas. I have some new winter workstations in process-- but they have not been kid approved yet! In the meantime, try this skip counting activity! I love using pocket charts for workstations so that kids can spread out and organize. All you need to do is cut out the penguins and copy the recording sheet! If your kids finish early have them try a challenge--scramble up all the penguins and try counting backwards without looking at their recording sheet. This tends to be trickier for my kiddos! Follow my tpt store or blog (also have bloglovin') for updates on easy to set-up workstations to start your new year! 

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