Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tree Exploration

Exploring our big backyard is one of my favorite units each year-- I love that it is an ongoing exploration throughout the year. What better place to observe trees than New England....We are so lucky! Throughout the year we will be observing the seasonal growth and changes and grow in understanding of nature. We ask questions, explore our questions and enjoy interacting with the outdoors. We still have many wonderings about trees...these will drive our investigation this year. Now that it is getting chillier we took the opportunity to use our science inquiry notebooks and do some observations. We started by observing a dry pine cone using our senses. We used words, pictures & labels to document our experience. We then made predictions about what would happen if the pine cone got wet. It took awhile to get results, although we noticed the water quickly changed to brown and mucky. The next day, we were surprised to find that the pine cone was completely closed up! We learned about making predictions and using the evidence of our findings to support our beliefs and thoughts. This is just the beginning of lots of hands on, inquiry based science fun! More to share throughout the year-- check out the tree freebie below to get your unit started! Would love to hear about your ideas! Try the leafsnap app to help identify different is pretty cool! 

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