Saturday, November 23, 2013

Character Study and Graphic Organizer Freebie

This past month we have been thinking deeply about characters in our stories through read-a-louds and independent reading. We have learned about character traits, noticed how characters change throughout a story, and thought about the components that make up a story. We have studied how a character reacts to a problem in their lives and how they go about solving that problem. This has also translated into Writers' Workshop as we work to create realistic fiction stories with a developed character. 

This week we have worked specifically on comparing the characters from two different stories. How are the characters different and what similarities do they share? We have also been working on backing up our responses with evidence from the text. 

Characters can teach us many important lessons about life. Although we read and discussed many different characters we focused on the main characters from Kevin Henkes books- Particularly Wendell, Chester & Lily. Who are some of your favorite characters to explore with your class? Click here or on the venn-diagram below to get a copy for your class... plain and simple but gets the job done! 

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