Monday, September 9, 2013

Classroom Community-Back to school!

We have spent a great deal of time establishing our classroom community and getting to know each other. It is important that we feel safe and comfortable with each other... This allows us to take risks and put our best efforts into our learning. The social curriculum is as important as the academic! We have worked hard to make our classroom a place of respect, trust and fun and weave these concepts into our curriculum each and every day.

Next we will be creating individual hopes & dreams for our year together in 2nd grade. We talked about the importance of having classroom values to help us in accomplishing our goals and grow as learners.

We worked together to create classroom values and expectations. Rather than having many "rules" they really boil down to 3 main "values." The 3 B's-Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe. This year we added two more to make it the 5 B's: Be Creative, Be Prepared.  

We talked about what these three values meant, what they look and sound like and broke them down into language we developed to have ownership over them.  

Click on the picture below for this Freebie. What do you think is important in creating your classroom community? Hope you're off to a great year! 

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